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New scenes uploaded: 22nd June 2016
We uploaded SEVEN Hi Res VIDEO SCENES with accompanying PHOTOS

New 22nd June Naughty Baby Sitters POV Section
Naughty sister spanked for touching you
YOUR naughty adult baby sister wants to play with your willy while your mommy is changing your diaper. She holds it and strokes it and rubs powder on it. Your mommy tells her she must not touch it like that but she keeps doing it. Finally she gets a good spanking over her diapers.

New 22nd June Daddies Section
Babysitter in diapers fucks her AB boy
Peaches likes to wear diapers just like the adult baby boy she is minding for the evening when his parents are out. But Peaches is missing out on a night of sex with her boyfriend. She takes a look inside her AB boy's diaper and sees a potentially big stiffy she can suck then slide into her juicy pussy and ride hard until she cums.

New 22nd June Naughty Baby Sitters Section
What is up her sitter's skirt?
Peaking up her babysitter's skirt, rude little adult baby girl Peaches can see she is not wearing any panties. She wants to touch Veronica's private parts. Veronica doesn’t mind. Veronica is especially aroused and climaxes when Peaches' licks out her willing cunt.

Touched up during a diaper change
Wendy can't help but notice adult baby girl Belle is getting horny while she changes her diaper and intimately wipes her giny clean with wipes. Soon she has two fingers deep inside her, finger fucking her until she has a massive orgasm.

New 22nd June Naughty Adult Babies Section
Masturbating in diapers
Spunky AB girl Melanie is so horny from the sensation of diapers against her private parts she pulls her Teddy Bambinos sposie to one side to masturbates with a kitchen implement she found in her toy box.

It feels sooo good in diapers
Diapered Sasha has also found something in her toy box that feels really nice when it is slipped in and out of her tight giny. The large round end of her xylophone stick stretches her pussy wide when she first pushes it in and then pulls it out.

New 22nd June Deviate Diaper Lovers Section
Cool chick hot in diapers
Adrienne is as sexy as all fuck in her SDK diapers. She feels sexy too and she fingers her dripping young cunt, giving herself a huge climax

New 15th June Naughty Baby Sitters POV Section
Cummies for mommy
Do you have a big stiffy in your diaper? I am sure it is uncomfortable.
Here, let mommy take care of it for you.
If I stroke it like this can you do cummies for your mommy?
Does it feel nice when you touch my huge natural breasts? What about when I kiss inside your thighs all the way up to your little balls and winky.
Oh my, that is a huge load of cummies. Clever boy!
I will clean it all up and your big stiffy will go down and your diaper won't be so tight on you.

New 15th June Daddies Section
"Daddy" changes his adult baby girl's diaper
But when he is wiping her giny clean, little Peaches obviously likes being touched "down there". Her "daddy" slips two fingers deep inside her and feels she is slippery and wet with desire and he expertly finger fucks her, making her cum. Peaches wants to please her "daddy" in return too so she takes his rock hard penis out of his pants and sucks on it.

New 15th June Naughty Baby Sitters Section
Finger fuck diaper change
Pt 2. Sexy babysitter Veronica finger fucks her horny little adult baby girl when changing her saturated cloth diaper

New 15th June Naughty Adult Babies Section
Naughty and sexy adult baby girls
Curious about each other's private parts, Melanie and Piper kiss each other and play with each other's young and firm titties. Then Melanie undoes Piper's cloth diaper to touch her giny and finger her to an intense orgasm

Adult baby's object insertion
Diapered adult baby girl Veronica likes to touch her squishy bits cos it feels nice. She wonders what pushing her bubbles wand deep inside would feel like. She soon learns it feels awesome so she slides it in and out, over and over again getting so wet and horny. Eventually she has a huge climax

New 15th June Deviate Diaper Lovers Section
Wet diaper at the office
Melanie is so behind in her work she has taken to wearing a Bambino Blanco diaper so she does not have to waste time going to the bathroom. She has wet it a couple of times during the morning and it is totally saturated. She gets so horny in her wet diaper she just has to masturbate when her pussy is exposed while changing herself. She does not care at all if her boss sees her. She is in heaven!

New 15th June Regression XXX
NEW CATEGORY - Triple X Regression
Part way between being an adult and a baby. Beautiful Belle is so sexually excited in her cloth diaper she grabs her thickest dildo and masturbates with it. After she has satisfied herself she calmly pins her diaper back on like nothing happened and she can continue to become and adult baby.

New 8th June Naughty Baby Sitters POV Section
Adult baby YOU fuck an adult baby girl
Your mommies have left you and your cute adult baby friend playing together in the nursery. They obviously had no idea just how naughty you would be when left alone together

New 8th June Diapered Sex Section
Caught wearing diapers at work - cumshot
Belle's boss has caught her out wearing diapers to work. She is so humiliated and embarrassed. What if he tells her co workers? What if he fires her? Then she thinks, what can she do to keep her boss quiet? Maybe a blow job will do it.

New 8th June Naughty Baby Sitters Section
Finger fuck diaper change
Sexy babysitter Veronica finger fucks her horny little adult baby girl when changing her saturated cloth diaper

Breast feeding lesbians
Hungry with a grumbly tummy, little Tara in her real Huggies pulls ups is in need of a big breast feed. While she is happily sucking on Wendy's nipple, Wendy slides her hand inside Tara's pull ups to see if it is wet. The pull ups aren't but Tara's vagina sure is. She is really turned on and so now is her babysitter

New 8th June Naughty Adult Babies Section
Adult baby girl licks out her friend
Melanie and Peaches are totally into other girls. When left in our nursery they get into kissing, caressing and licking each other's tiny titties. Then Melanie goes a whole lot further and undoes Peaches' diaper to lick out her dripping pussy until she cums.

New 8th June Deviate Diaper Lovers Section
Gorgeous diaper lover masturbates through a saturated disposable
Pt 2. Hot fox diaper lover Veronica is as horny as all fuck after she saturates her disposable diapers. She rubs her clit and pussy through the wet sposie faster and faster until she has an awesome climax. Then she pulls it to one side to slide two fingers deep into her cunt dripping with sex juices.
Time for a shower and a new diaper but she is not finished yet. The sensation from rubbing in powder and the thought of a fresh diaper gets her pussy wet again so another amazing finger fuck before taping on a new Bambino Blanco

New 8th June Diapered Humiliation and Punishment Section
Diapered, restrained and helpless
Peaches has been locked in medieval stocks until she wets her cloth diaper. Struggle as she might, her situation is hopeless. She twists, turns and struggles but cannot escape

New 1st June Naughty Baby Sitters POV Section
Two diaper lovers fuck in their sposies
An awesome wankable video of hot diaper lover Peaches being fucked hard in her diapers.

New 1st June Punishment Section
Diaper rash and lotion cumshot
Oh, do you have a nasty diaper rash? You hot babysitter with massive boobs has brought in some lotion to rub on your little willy. But first she rubs it over her massive tits. Your willy is not so little anymore after watching that. Vanessa is impressed as she rubs lotion all up and down your rock hard stiffy. Do you think you can do cummies for her? She is sure you can.

New 1st June Naughty Baby Sitters Section
Pacifier playtime
Sitter Veronica is getting very sexy with her spunky adult baby girl. She rubs her hand over Piper's cloth diaper and Piper obviously likes it. Then they start to kiss and caress each other's awesome tits. Piper is getting highly aroused and wants more. She orgasms over and over again when Veronica masturbates her with her favourite pacifier.

The sexiest diaper change
Part 2. Hot babysitter Kari thoroughly enjoys changing cute adult baby girl's diapers. So do the adult baby girls because they get an amazingly talented finger fuck when their pussies are exposed after being wiped clean. This week Tara has wet her real Huggies Drynites.

New 1st June Naughty Adult Babies Section
Cute diapered fingering
The sensation of her Diaperconn sposie rubbing against her pussy gets cute little adult baby girl Jennifer so horny and wet. She just has to stop what she is doing and finger her tight little pussy until she has a huge climax

She put what in where?
How naughty is cloth diapered pretty adult baby girl Belle? Her mommy gave her a lolly stick with flashing lights and a little electric plastic fan on the end. She thought it would keep Bell amused for ages but not the way Belle did!!

New 1st June Deviate Diaper Lovers Section
Naughty in terry diapers
Still in diapers and home from school, sweet little Melanie gets distracted from her homework by a funny feeling in her squishy parts. It feels all tingly so she pulls her terry diaper to one side and touches herself. It feels really nice so she touches herself a lot more. Then she slips in two fingers and it feels amazing. Pushing them in and out, faster and faster she soon cums!

...and so on and so on back to 2001

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