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New scenes uploaded: 17th December 2014
We uploaded SEVEN Hi Res VIDEO SCENES with accompanying PHOTOS

New 17th December Naughty Baby Sitters POV Section
Cum reward for a dry diaper
Good morning, my little man. Did you sleep well in your cot? I am going to hop into your cot with you to change your clothes. Hey, are you looking at my breasts in my skimpy top? Would you like to see and touch them? I bet you would.
Now let's check your nappy. Remember I promised you could wear big boy training pants if you kept dry all night? I am going to rub it to see if it is dry. Wow, it is dry and I can feel you are getting a big stiffy inside your dry diaper from me rubbing it.
That makes me very horny and my pussy very wet so I am going lift up my skirt and straddle you and grind my pussy over your hard cock though your nappy. Does that feel good? It feels amazing to me. I am going to have an orgasm right now.
But it is YOU who should be rewarded for staying dry all night. Let me take off your nappy ready for training pants
My, look at that huge stiffy. It feels so thick in my hands. Can get in in my mouth? Yes I can. Does it feel good when I suck it? I know it does because after a little while I can sense you are about to blow a huge stream of hot cum.
Well done! I bet that felt fantastic and your deserve it. Now let me wipe you clean and powered you before putting your new training pants on and your onesie for the day.

New 17th December Triple X Adult Babies with Their BabySitters
Pretty new babysitter
Sophie can be an adult baby girl but she also loves taking cares and babysitting our littler AB girls. We arranged for her to babysit Rhianna this morning. Rhianna likes Sophie and was looking forward to her caring for her. The first thing Sophie did was to feel Rhianna's diaper. She was due for a change so it was no surprise it was wet. She untaped the Parachute Bears sposie and fetched the wet wipes. Rhianna liked her private parts being wiped and clearly wanted Sophie to be a lot more intimate. Sophie happily obliged and finger fucked Rhianna's willing pussy until she made her climax.

Baby love Nappy pants, boobs and fingers
Tara easily fits into real Baby love Nappy pants so she looks so cute. She is fascinated by Missy's large breasts and wants to play with them. Missy obliges and is getting a little horny so she plays and kisses Tara's breasts and nipples. They are soon firm and erect. Getting more adventurous, Missy slides her hand inside Tara's Nappy pants. Tara give a moan so Missy knows she wants more. She pulls down the pants exposing Tara's giny and slides two fingers deep into Tara's tight pussy giving her absolute pleasure masturbating her.

New 17th December Naughty Adult Babies Section
Two AB girls in lesbian fun
Alone in their nursery Adrienne and Rachael are curious about each other's bodies. After examining and caressing each other's boobies, Rachael concentrates on what is in Adrienne's Bambino Blanco sposie. She discovers a tight pussy just aching to be fingered. Adrienne moans and screams with pleasure until she hits an all time high orgasm.

Full on girl on girl adult babies
These two pretty adult baby girls do not hold back when they are together. Melanie is in Teddy Bambinos whilst Pamela has an ABU Sissy sposie. Playing in the nursery with a toy cooking set they cuddle, tongue kiss and caress each other. Pamela is really getting off from Melanie fingering her juicy cunt and licking her clit but then Melanie suggests she use a plastic kitchen toy on her to see if she can make her cum with it.

Wet Nappy Pants
Tara has wet her real baby sized Nappy Pants big time. She can change them all by herself. But she gets side tracked when wiping herself. It feels so nice being touched "down there" she gets carried away and uses her fingers on herself, pushing them into her tight little pussy. Hmmm, she can even make herself climax.

New 17th December Naughty Adult Schoolgirls Section
Fingering fun in sposies and tights
Looking amazing in her school uniform, ABU Cushies sposies and frilly tight, Melanie is one very naughty and rude adult schoolgirl. When she is alone in her classroom she pulls down her tights and sposie and finger fucks herself for the longest time until she cums. She is very loud when she cums. What if someone hears her?

New 10th December Naughty Baby Sitters POV Section
Would you like to change my diaper.. and fuck me?
You cute adult baby girlfriend has asked you to babysit her for the day. She is so cute but also such a tease. She tells you her diaper is soaking wet and needs to be changed on the change table. When you have taken off her diaper and start to wipe her with wet wipes she tells you that feels really nice. Would you like to use your fingers on her? She would love that. Are you getting hard while fingering her? She wants to feel your cock. Yes it is hard. How about she undoes your zip and takes your thick cock in her mouth? Mmm she is very good at sucking you. She says she likes your fingers in her pussy but wants more. She wants that big thick cock deep inside her dripping cunt and to be fucked hard on the change table. You bang her until she squeals with pleasure then when she has cum again and again you rub on some powder and put a fresh diaper on all ready for some more fun AB play.

New 10th December Triple X Adult Babies with Their BabySitters
One very wet sposie leads to a naughty diaper change
Pt 2. One very wet sposie and babysitter Wendy to the rescue. She checks Rhianna's saturated Awwsocute disposable and knows it needs to be changed. Rhianna likes changing time with babysitter Wendy because Wendy knows she wants her little pussy to be played with after she wipes it clean. Wendy pushes two fingers deep in and out of Rhianna's aroused and wet cunt while Wendy tongue kisses her and they play with each other's nipples and breasts. This is one hot video

Sexy lesbian breast feed
Babysitter Lana is breast feeding Melanie and getting aroused from her sucking on her nipples. Melanie is also getting horny and when Lana feels inside her diaper she "accidentally" touches her pussy. Melanie give a little moan and moves her pussy against Lana's fingers. Lana takes the hint and undoes Melanie's diaper to finger fuck her adult baby friend to a mind blowing orgasm

New 10th December Naughty Adult Babies Section
Explicit adult baby girl masturbation
Our two attractive adult baby girls canít get enough of each other. Both are wearing Parachute Bears sposies as they get hornier and hornier, kissing and caressing each other's titties. Sophie slides two fingers inside Piper's willing, tight pussy to finger fuck her until she cums

Pacifier playtime
Pretty, petite and oh, so hot, Rhianna is sucking on one pacifier while masturbating with another. She gets totally off from the sensation of rubbing the pacifier bulb over her slippery clit and sliding it in and out of her little giny.

Finger fuck in sposies
Adult baby slut Adrienne is always horny in diapers. Her pussy gets wet just thinking about them. And when she is wearing her ABU Sissy sposie the padding rubbing against her pussy clits get her wet and horny. She uses two fingers on her tight pussy to get her rocks off every chance she gets

New 10th December Deviate Diaper Lovers Section
Big titted diaper lover makes herself cum
She has big tits, a thick diaper and two fingers ready to masturbate herself to the most intense orgasms while we watch. A great video of a sex starved diaper lover cumming long and hard

New 3rd December Naughty Baby Sitters POV Section
Cumshot. Sucked off reward for dry diaper
Do you think I am cute? Do you think I am a sexy babysitter? Are you looking up my skirt and down my blouse when I bend over? I think you are. But lets see if you have been a very good boy and kept your promise not to wet your diaper overnight. I am coming into your cot with you to feel inside your dipe. Remember I promised you a special treat if you stayed dry? Hmmm, let me feel. It is dry! And can I feel the start of a stiffy in their? My, yes I can. You know I promised to put you in big boy training pants if you were dry. But first the extra special reward. Do you like me rubbing soft powder and down you willy? I know you do because now it is a full blown stiffy. So big and hard. How about I put it in my mouth and suck you off? Have you ever had a babysitter do that to you? I bet not. Now I can sense you are going to blow a huge stream of hot cum all over me. Good boy, you did! I am so proud. Now I will clean you up with wet wipes, rub on some more powder and put your training pants on. You are such a good boy for me today. Maybe I can reward you some more later if you keep being extra well behaved...

New 3rd December Naughty Baby Sitters POV Section
Babysitter's Triple X rated selfies with you
I know I am supposed to be babysitting you but it is a bit boring while you are napping. I am going to take some hot selfies of me caressing my nipples, getting them hard and fingering myself to send to a guy who wanted to fuck me tonight. I bet he is getting horny. But I am getting horny to. My pussy is dripping wet. Oh, you are awake now. Would you like to help me with my triple X rated selfies? Would you like to be in them? What if I get you to feel my hard nipples? Then you can finger my dripping wet cunt. What about you? are you getting as aroused as the guy I an sending the photos to? I bet you are. My, you have a HUGE stiffy. Let me sit on you and rub my pussy over your stiffy through your diaper. Mmm that feels fantastic. But I can't let your thick and hard pee pee not have some fun. I am going to hold it in my hands and rub them up and down. Then I am going to take your rock hard cock in my mouth and deep throat you. Wow, we get some amazingly erotic selfies to send off.

New 3rd December Triple X Adult Babies with Their BabySitters
One very wet sposie leads to a naughty diaper change
One very wet sposie and babysitter Wendy to the rescue. She checks Rhianna's saturated Awwsocute disposable and knows it needs to be changed. Rhianna likes changing time with babysitter Wendy because Wendy knows she wants her little pussy to be played with after she wipes it clean. Wendy pushes two fingers deep in and out of Rhianna's aroused and wet cunt while Wendy tongue kisses her and they play with each other's nipples and breasts. This is one hot video

Finger fucked in diapers
Tara and her babysitter Missy have the hots for each other, When Missy comes over to babysit her the lesbian action is soon underway with finger fucking, tongues and nipple licking in diapers.

New 3rd December Naughty Adult Babies Section
Awesomely sensuous erotic diapered scene
So sexy, so erotic. Two gorgeous adult baby girls in sposies kissing and caressing each other's pert, young breasts and nipples. Guaranteed you will cum watching this video. Have the wipes ready to clean up your load before you put your diaper back on.

AB girl Sophie's turn to cum in her diapers
This week it is cute blonde adult baby girl Sophie's turn to be finger fucked by her equally cute adult baby girlfriend. Piper undoes Sophie's Parachute Bears sposie then moves her fingers in and out of Sophie's wet pussy and kisses her on the mouth until she makes her climax.

If you out it in your mouth, why not your giny?
Always inquisitive, petite adult baby girl Melanie puts almost everything she picks up in her mouth. But lately she has learned it feels much better if she puts things in her little pussy. This week she found an ice cream scoop. It has quite a thick handle and it stretched her pussy wide but it felt amazing and she had an awesome climax. Now, what can she find for next week?

New 26th November Naughty Baby Sitters POV Section
Cumshot. Diapered masturbation instructions
Are you touching yourself in your cot? That is naughty but even worse you are not doing it properly. As your babysitter I need to teach you how to all sorts of things. Eat, drink, play - and to masturbate the correct way. After we undo your diaper I will take your stiffy in my hand and rub it up and down just so. Now doesn't that feel better? Would you like to see me play with my pussy? I can tell you do because you just got even harder. Let me do it some more, up and down, up and down. Now a rub across the tip. That feels great doesn't it? But now, because you are my extra special adult baby boy I am going to give you a big boy treat just like I do with my boyfriend. I am going to run my tongue around the tip of your willy and then slide it way into my mouth. In and out many times. Then I sense you are about to cum so I take it out and rub my hands up and down again so you can see your hot and sticky cum squirt out all over my hand and your stiffy.

New 26th November Triple X Adult Babies with Their BabySitters
Adult baby fingers her babysitter
Pt 2. Babysitter Kari showed her adult baby friend Piper in Cushies sposies how to touch her private parts just right so it feels so good. Piper finger fucked Kari making her climax now it is time for Kari to pleasure her highly aroused adult baby girl. Piper's giny is dripping wet with desire and Kari's fingers slip easily inside her tight pussy. But the best is when she licks Piper's swollen clit. It drives her crazy.

Cushies, boobs and fingers
Melanie in ABU Cushies to play with her babysitters large breasts. Wendy like her nipples being touched by Melanie and soon both babysitter and adult baby girl are very, very horny. Wendy slips her hand inside Melanie's sposie and soon finds her very wet pussy. She finger fucks her until she makes her cum.

You asked for it. Naughty diaper change from the AB girls POV
Pt 2. What is it like from the adult baby girl's point of view having her sposie changed and finger fucked by her baby sitter Wendy? Fantastic, realistic video.

New 26th November Naughty Adult Babies Section
Perfect. A cock pacifier
Melanie and Sasha have been given cock shaped pacifiers each. They are both having a hot, sexy time sucking on real pacifiers and fucking each other's dripping pussies with their new cock pacifiers. They even made each other orgasm at exactly the same time. Melanie has on a terry diaper whilst Sasha has a Parachute Bears sposie

Down and dirty in the nursery. Part 3
Part 3. Tahlia in a Bambino Blanco sposie wants to push a big baby rattle into Adrienne's tight little giny. She is sure Adrienne will like it. Adrienne agrees and soon her diaper is off and her tight pussy is being stretched as wide as it can by the thick handle of the rattle. Finally it is in and it feels amazing. Tahli moves it in and out, round and round and it drives Adrienne to a massive climax. Then Tahli has to pull it out again, slowly, slowly, stretching her pussy to the limit but finally it is out. Adrienne cannot wait to do it again.

Hitachi wand masturbation though sposies
Piper has learned that using a Hitachi massage wand to rub her clit and pussy through her sposie is simply amazing. She has the most intense orgasms ever and can leave her diaper on all the time!

New 19th November Naughty Baby Sitters POV Section
Cumshot. Made to cum by your huge boobed babysitter
Babysitter Vanessa has massive natural tits. She knows you like them and love to play with them. She likes it too. She also knows you get a big stiffy when you do. Hmm what can she with your stiffy? How about she takes a look under you diaper? Then how about she takes it in her hand and rubs it up and down? And how about she takes it in her mouth and sucks you off until you blow a huge load of hot sticky cum? Fantastic video.

New 19th November Triple X Adult Babies with Their BabySitters
Adult baby fingers her babysitter
Babysitter Kari shows her adult baby friend Piper how to touch her private parts just right so it feels so good. Piper is a keen and willing student and soon is finger fucking Kari, making her climax.

Masturbating breast feed
Babysitter Wendy slides her hand inside Adrienne's diaper while she breast feeding her. Adrienne's diaper is not wet but her pussy is. Wet from being sexually aroused while breast feeding. Wendy knows just what she likes. She undoes Adrienne's diaper exposing her giny and pushes two fingers deep inside her tight hole. Adrienne is in heaven and after expert manipulation by Wendy has a major orgasm

New 19th November Naughty Adult Babies Section
Naughty with a bottle
Melanie in Teddy Bambino sposies undoes Pamela's ABU Sissy diaper to rub her clit and pussy with the teat of her bottle. Pamela goes nuts with the extreme pleasure it gives her. Her pussy gets dripping wet and has the most intense sexual climax ever

New adult baby friends with benefits
Piper and Sophie, both in Parachute Bears sposies get very naughty with each other. Sophie is curious about Piper's private parts and wants to touch them. Piper not only wants to be touched but wants to be finger fucked all the way. Sophie is very new at this but instinctively hits all the right places

Real Nappypants masturbation
Petite Tara fits into real Babylove Nappypants and looks hot. She gets horny in diapers and when she thinks no one is watching diddles herself with her fingers in her very tight giny.

New 19th November Lactation and Pregnant Section
Fingered by her very pregnant babysitter
Almost ready to drop but that does not stop Pixie from her babysitting duties, especially when that means some hot girl on girl action with her favouritely sexual adult baby girl Melanie. Melanie is in a Bambino Classico sposie to start with.

New 12th November Naughty Baby Sitters POV Section
Sexy and horny babysitter for you
Sasha is your new babysitter. She is young, pretty and horny. She loves caring for adult baby boys and especially loves what is in their diapers. We are talking about stiffies here. Hard stiffies that she can take in her mouth, sliding her lips up and down then squatting on top of them, easing them into her extra tight pussy and riding them hard until she cums.

New 12th November Naughty Baby Sitters POV Section
Where do babies come from?
They come from here and here and are made when boys get stiffies and put them in here. It also helps if they are sucked until they are very hard before they do. Cute blonde babysitter gives a hands on sex education lesson her favourite adult baby buy - YOU.

New 12th November Triple X Adult Babies with Their BabySitters
Cumshot. Diaper change table fuck
Pt 2. Shelly's boyfriend is babysitting her and needs to change her diaper which is soaking wet. He lifts her onto the change table and removes her wet diaper then grabs some wet wipes to clean her private parts and bottom. Mmm, she likes having her naughty bits touched and she reaches over to feel Brett's private parts too. She feels his cock through his pants and notices it getting very hard. Brett takes the hint and drops his pants so he can fuck little Shelly hard while she is in a perfect position on the change table.
Finally he cannot hold on any more and shoots a huge load of cum across her little titties.
Then he wipes her clean and puts a fresh diaper on her.

Babysitter sex play
Adult baby girl Tara is in Baby Beehinds sposies and is being taken excellent care of by her babysitter Missy. Missy has huge natural boobs and she encourages Tara to play with them. When Tara touches her nipples this gets Missy very horny so she undoes Tara's sposie to finger fuck her wet cunt. Tara wants to do that too so she lifts Missy's dress and, finding she has no panties on, she fingers her babysitter at the same time. They arouse each other so much they climax at the same time

New 12th November Naughty Adult Babies Section
Finger fucking in diapers
Naughty Piper knows it feels really good to touch herself "down there". When no one is looking she undoes her diaper and massages her clit until her pussy is totally aroused and dripping wet. She moves two of her fingers deep inside her ultra tight pussy and fucks herself to an amazing orgasm

ABU Sposies and naughty play
Both Melanie and Adrienne are in ABU sposies. At least until Adrienne undoes Melanie's and feels her pussy. Melanie obviously is getting highly aroused and soon Adrienne is giving her a finger fuck she will not forget for a long time.

New 12th November Diapered Punishment Section
Collared adult baby girl
Mistress Kari needs to keep her little diapered adult baby girl obedient and constrained. First up she makes her wear a collar in the nursery whilst she has on Awwsocute sposies on keeping her dry.

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