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New scenes uploaded: 3rd May 2016
We uploaded SEVEN Hi Res VIDEO SCENES with accompanying PHOTOS

New 3rd May Naughty Baby Sitters POV Section
Fucked hard in diapers. Pt 1
First, diaper slut Peaches is restrained with her wrists manacled above her head. She is blindfolded and totally at her dom's will. He rubs her disposable diaper and her breasts and rubs his cock up against her. Peaches is moaning with pleasure and anticipation of having that thick cock deep in her dripping cunt. When he does release her and push her on the bed she is fucked long and hard, her tight pussy stretched wide, and orgasms over and over again.

New 3rd May Punishment Section
You asked for it - more adult baby boy in view. Pt 2
Pt 2. Vanessa with her HUGE natural breasts is an awesome babysitter. She wants her adult baby boys to really like her and does everything she can to please them. This week our AB boy has wet his diaper just after being breast fed. When Vanessa changes his diaper and is thoroughly wiping his pee pee, she notices it getting harder, longer and thicker. Mmm, she knows he is obviously liking this. Vanessa makes sure she before rubs in lots of powder before putting a fresh diaper on.

New 3rd May Naughty Baby Sitters Section
The sexiest diaper change
Bi sexual babysitter Avril takes advantage of Veronica's private parts being exposed when she removes her wet SDK diaper and wipes her clean. Veronica is obviously getting off on being intimately touched by another female and her new baby sitter is more than happy to oblige

Loving that breast feed
Lucky Peaches is loving sucking on Kari's big breasts. Kari is enjoying the sensation of a mouth on her nipple too. But it gets better, she feels inside Peaches' Teddy Bambino diaper to see if it needs to be changed. The diaper is not wet but Peaches' pussy is. Being a nice babysitter, Kari proceeds to take care of ALL little Peaches' needs!

New 3rd May Naughty Adult Babies Section
Older adult baby girl diaper change
Pt 2. Little adult baby girl Piper's older adult baby friend is visiting her. She sees Piper has wet her Awwsocute sposie big time. Cloth diapered Veronica does not call for Piper's mommy. She thinks she knows how to do it. She sure does but she gets very naughty touching Piper's squishy bits and then fingering her tight giny. Piper does not want her to stop because it feels so good she has a huge orgasm

Naughty little adult baby girl
Cute little Jennifer has learnt very quickly from some naughty and rude adult baby girls that touching her giny feels really, really nice. Now she has learnt to make herself cum!!

New 3rd May Diapered Medical Section
Diapered nurse and her new sex toy
Spunky diapered nurse Veronica has brought her new toy to work to try out late at night when things get quiet and boring. She has a remote controlled vibrating egg. She slides it into her vagina and turns it on. No one can see it under her diaper but she sure can feel it. At full speed she has the most mind blowing orgasms!

New 27th April Naughty Baby Sitters POV Section
Massive boobed babysitter sucks your cock
Lucky you, your babysitter Vanessa has massive tits and loves cocks in diapers. When it is time to change you, she takes full advantage of your exposed cock which gets rock hard while she is wiping you clean. After the most awesome blow job she powders you up and puts a fresh, new diaper on you. Mmm you are thinking you need a bottle now so you will wet your diaper again real soon.

New 27th April Punishment Section
Awesome anal in diapers
Diaper lover Rob is in the clinic for a prostate exam. You know, where the doctor shoves his finger up your arse to feel your prostate. Never in his wildest dreams did he think he would be attended to by a super hot nurse also in diapers. Kari is the most caring nurse ever and she wants to make what could be an uncomfortable experience one of the most pleasurable. After she puts on her latex gloves, she lubes up your cherry bum hole and gently eases her finger into it. It feels kinda nice but it also hurts a teeny bit. Not to worry, nurse Kari is an expert at pleasure. While her finger is moving in your arse hole she strokes your cock. That fees amazing but not a totally awesome as getting your cock sucked while being fingered up the arse! Finally after you can take the exquisite pleasure no more you shoot a massive load of hot sticky cum.

New 27th April Naughty Baby Sitters Section
Breast feed finger fucking
Cute little adult baby girl Jennifer's babysitter takes off her T short to dress her in a matching top and bottom. Her babysitter plays with her young and form titties when she is topless. But Jennifer is due for a breast feed so she takes up position to suck on Kari's large breasts. Both girls are totally turned on by now and it is only a short step for the babysitter to undo the diaper and finger fuck her adult baby girl until she has a mind blowing orgasm. Jennifer is wearing a Diaperconn sposie

Diaper change fingering
Pt 2. Cute little adult baby girl Peaches' Diaperconn sposie is saturated. Veronica is caring for her today and is ready to change her. It was all going quite normally until Veronica started to wipe Peaches' private parts. Peaches let out a little moan of pleasure. Veronica ventured further and Peaches was obviously enjoying having her clit and pussy touched. Before long there were fingers in, tongue kisses and nipples being licked and sucked and Peaches had a climax

New 27th April Naughty Adult Babies Section
Totally for real bisexual adult baby girls
These two cute adult baby girls with nice slim figures and small, firm tits look fantastic together. They are both into girls and each other big time. It does not take long for Peaches move in on Melanie and undo her diaper. They tongue kiss each other and each other's boobies then Peaches goes down on Melanie fingering her and licking her out until she cums.

Diapered before showing her private parts
Pretty and innocent adult baby girl Ella is getting more adventurous in front of the camera. She is now untapes and pulls across her Teddy Bambinos diaper for some great open leg pics of her young, virgin pussy.

New 27th April Deviate Diaper Lovers Section
Slutty diaper lover Hitachi's herself
Slutty diaper lover Adrienne rubs her pussy through her Awwsocute disposable diaper with her Hitachi vibrator. It great but not as good as those industrial strength vibrations hard against her bare clit and pussy. She has the most incredible sexual climax.

New 20th April Naughty Baby Sitters POV Section
Surprise present for regressing
Pt 2. Attractive Avril wants to care for adult baby boys and she wants YOU to be the one. It all sounds quite weird but she tells you how great it will be for you both if you will just allow her to diaper you and dress you in baby clothes. Even though you figure you feel totally humiliated you sort of reluctantly go with it because she promises you a surprise ending you will never forget.

New 20th April Naughty Baby Sitters Section
Nipple in mouth, fingers in pussy
Highly aroused during a sexy breast feed babysitter Wendy unpins Belle's cloth diaper then slides her fingers deep inside Belle's wet cunt to finger fuck her until she orgasms.

Diaper change fingering
Cute little adult baby girl Peaches' Diaperconn sposie is saturated. Veronica is caring for her today and is ready to change her. It was all going quite normally until Veronica started to wipe Peaches' private parts. Peaches let out a little moan of pleasure. Veronica ventured further and Peaches was obviously enjoying having her clit and pussy touched. Before long there were fingers in, tongue kisses and nipples being licked and sucked and Peaches had a climax

New 20th April Naughty Adult Babies Section
Cute but very naughty in a baby bonnet
Looking very cute in a thick cloth diaper and drinking milk from her bottle Melanie gets into one of her naughty moods. Her giny is feeling tingly from the diaper rubbing on it when she moves. She unpins one side to touch herself and it feels nice. But not as nice as rubbing the silicon teat in between her pussy lips and then in and out of her love hole. She soon makes herself cum!

First time solo masturbation
This is the first time cute adult baby girl Jennifer has been filmed finger fucking herself. She starts off wearing an old school type terry cloth diaper and plastic pants

New 20th April Deviate Diaper Lovers Section
Diapered and as sexy as it gets
Gorgeous Veronica steps out of the shower. She sexily towels herself dry then slowly rubs in baby powder all over her arse, pussy and rather large breasts. Then she diapers herself with a Velcro diaper.

New 20th April Diapered Medical Section
Diapered, tied and whipped
Diaper lover Peaches has misbehaved for her master again. She knows the punishment. She is to be manacled to a St Andrew cross and whipped. She twists and writhes as he man handles her and uses his whip on her bare back.

...and so on and so on back to 2001

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