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19th February 2020 Update

New 19th February Diapered Punishment Section
Loser in diapers restrained and whipped
Such a loser wearing diapers. Rob is one sick fuck and needs to be punished. Dom Peaches is just the person to do it. She restrains him on a St Andrews cross then proceeds to painfully spank, whip and hit with paddles. Many of the strikes are on his cock and balls through the disposable diaper he insists on wearing

New 19th February Diapered Adult Baby Boy Section
Sitter gets horny while breast feeding
Mmmm, Gorgeous Stefanie was innocently breast feeding her AB boy when she became very aroused from his tongue working on her nipples. She reached onto his diaper and discovered a big stiffy so obviously the erotic sensation was cutting both ways. Being such a nice sitter and wanting keep her AB boy very happy she undoes his diaper and rubs his stiffy up and down. Then she leans forward to take it in her mouth and sucks him off until he does a huge cummies. No wonder her AB boy keeps asking his mommy to hire Stefanie again and again.

New 19th February Naughty Baby Sitters Section
Big boobies breast feed and fingers
Also totally turned on by breast feeding, massively boobed Vanessa finger bangs her horny adult baby girl Veronica while breast feeding her. Veronica starts off in a cloth diaper and clear plastic pants.

Delightful diaper change
Baby sitter Brooke is caring for little Melanie who has saturated her diaper. It always seems Melanie gets aroused when having her private parts wiped. Brooke notices her giny getting wet from being turned on and ventures to slip a finger inside. Melanie loves it so Brooke goes the whole way giving her AB girl a massive orgasm

New 19th February Naughty Adult Babies
Dinosaur disposable diaper and a diddle
Melanie in our popular Dinosaur sposie very naughtily diddles herself. She slides two fingers deep into her tight little pussy. She tries various positions for maximum satisfaction and it works. A very intense climax follows.

Such a naughty little adult baby girl
Pt 1. We should know by now not to leave certain shaped objects within reach of Peaches. If it will possibly fit in her giny and feels good, she will do it. Right now she has discovered the handle of her mommy's bottle brush feels awesome sliding in and out of her dripping pussy. Peaches started out with a snug fitting Bunny Hops disposable diaper.

New 19th February Sexual Diaper Lovers Section
Very sexy diaper lover masturbates in front of us
Gorgeous and super sexy Stefanie's pussy is dripping with desire from wearing her thick cloth Baby Beehinds diaper. She just has to get sexual relief by using her fingers on her self to achieve a massive orgasm.

New 12th February Diapered Point Of View Section
Edging tease in diapers by a very attractive sitter
Such an erotic video! Your verry sexy sitter thinks you are adorable but she is also such a tease. When she crinkles your sposie with her hands she feels a big stiffy growing inside. With a cheeky smile she undoes your diapee and holds your rock hard erection in her hand. She slowly rubs it up down and almost takes it in her mouth. But she warns you are not to do cummies! Stefanie brings you to the edge of cumming then backs off over and over again. The sensation is intense and you so want to cum. Finally after the longest time she relents and after rubbing your massive stiffy up and down quickly, she holds it steady in her hand and you blow the biggest cummies ever. Then she puts your diaper back on with the sticky mess inside.

New 12th February Diapered Adult Baby Boy Section
Two AB's naughty in their cot
Melanie and her AB fiend have been left in their cot by their mommies. Melanie is interested in each his diapees and what is inside it. She can feel a stiffy inside and she wants to check it out. Melanie soon has his stiffy in his mouth and makes him big and thick and hard. The more she sucks and rubs it, the more intense it feels and soon he explodes big cummies. Melanie plays with the sticky cum and licks it up.

New 12th February Naughty Baby Sitters Section
Breast fed and naughty diaper change. Pt 2
Pt 2. We can always be assured of boobie fun when sexy sitter Vanessa is caring for AB girls. Peaches has soaked her thick cloth diaper and busty Vanessa is here to change her.. and be very naughty when she does.

A vibrator for her AB girl
Josie is one very naughty sitter. Veronica's mommy would be horrified if she knew Josie had brought in a vibrator to use on her AB girl. Josie already knows Veronica likes to be fingered when her diaper is being changed but this is a whole new level of sexuality. Veronica starts off in a thick cloth diaper.

New 12th February Naughty Adult Babies
Getting off in a wet diaper
Melanie has peed herself big time. With a warm and very wet Lil Pawz disposable diaper rubbing her private parts she is soo turned on. She rubs her pussy through the wet diaper and gives herself the most amazing orgasm

Topless and bottle fun in her playpen
Peaches in a Lil Pawz sposies is bored in her playpen. She is drinking from her bottle and is thinking how nice the teat feels in her mouth. She wonders if it would feel even nicer on her princess parts.

Pacifier play time
Stefanie has also learned how something that feels nice in her mouth can feel even better rubbing across her clit and slipped inside her giny. She unpins her cloth diapee and just goes for it until she has a huge climax. Then she gives cheeky smile and pins her diaper back on. Hopefully her mommy will never know what she gets up to when she is alone.

New 5th February Diapered Point Of View Section
Wife's reward for her AB hubby. Pt 3 of 3
Pt 3 of 3. Belle really wants her hubby to be an AB. They can't have little ones of their own and her maternal instincts have kicked in big time. Her hubby is naturally reluctant and embarrassed but she promises some extra benefits - like a being breast fed and sucking his diapered cock - if he goes along with it.

New 5th February Naughty Baby Sitters Section
Breast fest and naughty diaper change
We can always be assured of boobie fun when sexy sitter Vanessa is caring for AB girls. Peaches has soaked her thick cloth diaper and busty Vanessa is here to change her.. and be very naughty when she does.

AB girl with young and firm natural breasts compares
Gorgeous AB Stefanie with perfect C cup natural breasts is very curious about her sitters much larger breast implants. They compare boobs by caressing and kissing each others. Then things got way out of hand with hot Kari finger fucking Stefanie's very wet and slippery vagina. Stefanie is in Pre School sposies

New 5th February Naughty Adult Babies
Finger fucking in her cot
Bored in her cot with hardly any toys, AB girl Melanie resorts to playing with herself. She fondles her nipples and they get very hard. Then she feels inside her diaper and touches her little pussy. Next, off with her diaper and in with her fingers to give herself very intense orgasms.

Very rude in a cloth diaper
Stefanie is padded up in two layers of cloth diapers under plastic pants and a onesie. It takes her a while to unsnap the onesie, take off her plastic pants then unpin her diaper but she manages to do it and expose her Princess parts ready to use her fingers on them for sexual relief while we watch.

A terry diaper and fingering fun
Left in her playpen, Veronica is also looking for something to do to amuse herself. She rubs her pussy through her terry diaper and it feels so nice she goes the whole way by undoing one side of her diaper to get access to her dripping wet cunt

New 5th February Diapered Humiliation and Punishment Section
Made to orgasm in a wet sposie
Diapered and helplessly restrained Peaches has soaked her disposable diaper. She is made to have a massive orgasm by her dom. He rubs her pussy through the diaper and makes her nipples erect. Then he slides his hand inside her disposable and finger fucks her juicy cunt until she cannot help but cum over and over again.

New 29th January Diapered Adult Baby Boy Section
Extended diapered sitter fucking video
Spunky sitter Melanie loves diapers and loves stiffies in diapers. She can't get enough of AB boys. This week her lucky AB boy gets rock hard when she rubs his willy and puts it in her mouth. Then she part takes off her own diaper and lowers her dripping cunt on his very thick stiffy. It is a tight fit and hurts a little at first but then it feels awesome as they fuck in various positions

New 29th January Naughty Baby Sitters Section
A wet real 25kg sposie and some fingering fun. Pt 2
Pt 2. Gorgeous sitter Stefanie is caring for little Tara for the first time. Soon after she arrived she checked Tara's diaper and sure enough it needed to be changed. Tara soon made it quite clear that she really liked her private parts being wiped so Stefanie followed up with expert finger fucking to give Tara a big orgasm

Big boobed mommy Brooke breast feeds
Hungry little AB girl Melanie in sposies has a big breast feed from mommy Brooke. Brooke feels inside her diaper to se if she needs to be changed. Melanie is still dry but made it quite obvious she liked the attention her Princess parts were getting

New 29th January Naughty Adult Babies
Masturbation in a wet disposable
Horny AB Melanie has saturated her Lil Pawz sposie and she loves the feeling of the wet fabric rubbing against her pussy. She gets really turned on and just has to give herself sexual relief with her fingers

Hot AB girl in a wet singlet
AB girl Peaches spilt water all down her white singlet and it became very see through. You can see her perky nipples clearly through the fabric. It turned her on too and she soon had her fingers inside her diaper touching her giny and getting highly aroused

Not what a sipper mug is intended for
After drinking from her sipper mug, Stefanie gets quite bored in her nursery. She can feel the mouthpiece on her lips and it feels smooth and nice. What if she rubbed on her pussy lips? Would that feel nice too?

New 29th January Regression XXX
Half regressed and horny in diapers
The thought of being like a baby and wearing diapers 24/7 gets Peaches' juices flowing and she has just the toy for it. Not the sort of toy you would normally find in a nursery but a rather nice sized cock dildo she slips deep in and out of her pussy until she climaxes. Check the video and see it all unfold.

New 22nd January Diapered Point Of View Section
Sitter in sposies fucks her AB boy
Spunky sitter Peaches has discovered how awesome wearing diapers is. She was caring for you last Saturday night when your mommy and daddy went out. First up, she put on the same style Lil Pawz sposie you have on. She straddled you and rubbed your diapers together. You got a big stiffy and her pussy got all wet. Then it was a full on suck, finger and fuck session. Lucky you!

New 22nd January Naughty Baby Sitters Section
A wet real 25kg sposie and some fingering fun
Gorgeous sitter Stefanie is caring for little Tara for the first time. Soon after she arrived she checked Tara's diaper and sure enough it needed to be changed. Tara soon made it quite clear that she really liked her private parts being wiped so Stefanie followed up with expert finger fucking to give Tara a big orgasm

Naughty Melanie peeks up her sitter's dress
She is so cheeky. Little Melanie looks up Veronica's dress to see if she is also wearing a diaper. Veronica is not and neither is she wearing panties so Melanie can see her vagina. She is very curious and asks if she can touch it.

New 22nd January Naughty Adult Babies
A saturated cloth diaper gets her highly aroused
Having soaked her thick, cloth diaper, Peaches private parts are being highly stimulated from the wet fabric rubbing against her clit and pussy. It feels so nice but she gets more and more sexually excited and needs to orgasm using her fingers. They slide easily into her tight giny because it is dripping wet with sex juices.

Big bottle fun in new disposable diapers
Stefanie has cute new Dinosaur sposies on and she feels very pretty in them. Her mommy gave her a big, novelty bottle to play with. Stefanie thought it is silly because it is too big to drink from. But maybe she could have a lot of fun using it another way. Her mommy would be horrified if she caught her.

AB girl's fun rocker toy
Most little girls have some sort of rocker in their nursery but Veronica's is very special. It is only for very sexy, naughty AB girls to use. She is in a "Space" sposie.

New 22nd January Diapered Anal
Diapered double penetration with her fingers
Melanie has discovered that is feels nice to play with her bottom as well as her front private parts. She naughtily removes her diaper cover and diaper and pushes a finger in both holes. It feels amazing and she makes herself cum

New 15th January Diapered Adult Baby Boy Section
Super long sex in diapers video
Almost half an hour of video. Delightfully horny sitter Melanie adores stiffies in diapers. She instructs her AB boy to eat out her pussy while she takes his big, thick stiffy in her mouth and has multiple orgasms. Then shows him how to fuck her in the positions to make her cum even more.

New 15th January Naughty Baby Sitters Section
A tale of diapers and two sets of tits
Sitter Vanessa with massive natural breasts and her adult baby girl with A cup pert titties get down and dirty with some booby fun.

Wendy does a naughty diaper change. Pt 2
Pt 2. Changing Little Tara's real 25kg diaper turned out to be less than routine. Tara was getting turned on from feeling Wendy's fingers through the wipe and she encouraged Wendy to do a whole lot more. Soon Wendy had her fingers inside Tara's tight giny and was getting her nipples erect with her tongue.

New 15th January Naughty Adult Babies
Horny in a soaking sposie
Melanie has totally soaked her Lil Pawz sposie. It feels so nice against her private parts and she gets so horny. She rubs her clit and pussy through the wet fabric and makes herself climax multiple times.

Bottle time with a very naughty difference
Diapered adult baby girl Peaches is wearing a thick cloth diaper and a cute bonnet. Her mommy has left her with a bottle of warm milk. She would be horrified if she knew what Peaches did with it.

Making her own kind of music
Naughty but adorable adult baby girl in our new Bunny Hop sposies is fascinated by the toy maracas she has been given. Her mommy will be wishing she showed her what they are really for!!

New 15th January Regression XXX
Always horny in diapers
Gorgeous diaper lover Sierra is always sexually aroused when in cloth diapers especially. The fabric feels so good rubbing against her pussy. She needs relief from the sexual tension and with no real stiffies readily available she reaches for her double ended dildo. She can push it way inside her tight pussy and it feels amazing. Watch her have an intense orgasm.

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