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The Best Way to save and view the VIDEO CLIPS..
Save then to your hard drive first then view them. This way you only have to download them once. If you view them "live" they are saved by your computer to your hard drive anyway in a temp directory and you may not be able to find them to delete them.

To Save Videos To Your Hard Drive Right click on the link and select "Save Link Target As.." if you are using Netscape or "Save Target As.." if you are using Windows Explorer.

View videos with Windows Media Player or any other application that supports mpgs.

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What is the difference between Xtreme Diaper site and Adult Baby Source?
This site takes the concept of the "Xtreme Diaper" category of Adult Baby Source and runs with it. Almost all the content in is XXX rated.
The content in Xtreme Diaper is exclusive to and different to that in Adult Baby Source. You will not see the same pics and videos on both sites.

What are the similarities between Xtreme Diaper and Adult Baby Source?
Some AB's and DL's who feature in ABS are comfortable with posing for more explicit images so you will see some of the them in Xtreme Diaper.
You may see are a soft version of a scene in ABS and an XXX version of the same scene in Xtreme Diaper.
You will get the same quality, service and attention to feedback that has made ABS so succesful.

I posted a message on the Forum but it doesn't show.
Hit the "Refresh" button on your browser.

Where do you get your diapers/clothes/plastic pants?

Contoured diapers trimmed in pink thread:
Loving Comfort

Best quality rectangular prefold diapers:
We use their gauze "overnights" for comfort, and their birdseye overnights for bulk and thickness.

Disposables are three tape "Attends" with waistband. We got ours from HDIS:

The pads, or "liners" that we use came from the adult division of the "Indisposables" diaper company. Their adult line was called "Quality Care." We loved these insert/liners, because they made or pre-fold and contour diapers the perfect thickness. Unfortunately, "Indisposables" discontinued their adult product line.
A member believes you can order a Babykins insert similar to the ones we use from PPBear

Clothing is made specially for us.

Will we ever see "messy" diapers on Xtreme Diaper?

Where are you located?
For the safety of our models that information is on a "need to know" basis.

I am a male AB. Would it be possible to model for ABS?
Sorry but it would not be practical.

What brand disposables do you use>

I notice they are very thick, how many do you use?
We usually shoot wearing three disposables.

I am looking for a mommy/AB in my area
Place a post on our Forum.

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