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Movies are a separate purchase
They are not included in the members area.

Movies are a separate purchase They are not included in the members area

"Regressed In Foster Care IV"
Lillian has been sent to foster care. She is an orphan on the streets and never been babied.
The authorities insist she go through this essential phase to become a well rounded adult.

"A Grown Woman's Spa Vacation Goes Horribly Wrong"
A woman books into a spa expecting to be pampered but she is taken care of a lot more than she bargained for.

"Step Daughter Pees Onto Her Bed So She Regressed"
Lillian is spanked, regressed and restrained in a nursery by her mother who later shows her how to go potty

"Step Daughter Pees Onto Her Diaper"
Lillian is guiltily stuffing sheets into the washing machine. She is crying. "What have I done? This is so embarrassing. I am a grown woman"

"Four Bed Wettings In A Row"
Scarlett cannot hide her bedwetting from her stepmommy any longer.
Time to be put back in diapers

"Abandoned And Adopted"
A pretty young adult baby girl in just diapers and a bonnet is abandoned outside our nursery

"The Secret Room"
A cleaning lady finds a secret nursery and hatches a plot to regress her needy client

"Mysterious Deliveries"
A grown up daughter's mother insists she try on everything that arrives mysteriously.

"Step Daughter Pees Herself"
If her step daughter is grown up but cannot hold her pee there is only one way this is going to end.
Diapered, regressed and manacled in a nursery

"Covid Lockdown Regression"
Two girls in Covid lockdown with no access to a bathroom. Diapers are supplied
Then it gets really interesting when they are moved to (very) different premises

"Aunty's House Guest 7"
A co-ed niece has no idea of the weird lifestyle her aunty and cousin have until she stayed with them over the summer break
Third in the series "Regressed In Foster Care"

Regressed In Foster Care III
Foster carer Scarlett pees herself and is in need of regression therapy herself Supervisor Wendy insists
The sequel to "Regressed In Foster Care"

Regressed In Foster Care II
Veronica is asked if she can take another troubled girl into foster care. A month ago she took in Melanie made great progress enhancing her life by regressing to an AB girl in an environment where she is unconditionally loved and totally cared for.

Regressed In Foster Care
Never loved or cared for. Such a pretty girl but withdrawn and emotionally stunted. There is no way she can cope with adult life. Then her world is turned around in foster care

Veronica's Big Diapered Adventure
Hot diaper lover Veronica loving it in the great outdoors. Hiking, camping and changing her soaked diaper. Loads of great diaper upskirts and diaper flashing

Aunty's House Guest
Unsuspecting 21 yo Sarah is in town to stay with her aunt Amina for a couple of days
She shows a horrified Sarah the fully fitted out nursery where she can stay for the years to come.
Xtreme Diaper Presents..

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10th April 2024 Update

"Adult Schoolgirl Regressed To Babyhood"
A school day and Lillian has not woken up. Her step mommy Scarlett calls from outside to wake a few times but Lillian just groans and rolls over.
Scarlett comes into the bedroom, shakes her then pulls off the sheets to discover a wet bed and she is shocked.

Movies are a separate purchase They are not included in the members area

New 10th April Diapered AB Boy Section
Hot Sitter Fucks In Diapers
Hot blonde baby sitter Lillian often wears diapers as well. She gets horny in them and also highly aroused from stiffies in diapers. So today she went the whole way in fucked her adult baby boy. First she straddled him in her diaper and eased his massive cock deep inside her

New 10th April Adult Baby ABS Section
Cute Young Step Mommy Takes Good Care Of YOU
Yummy step mommy Tilly is looking after you today. She plays with you and your toys and tickles your tummy and gives you big raspberries. Then she needs to change your soaked diaper, wiping your willie clean and sprinkling on powder. Oops too much. She leans in close and blows off the excess. Then a long breast feed from her perky titties. You are such a lucky boy

New 10th April Naughty Baby Sitters Section
A brand new petite and very naughty adult baby girl
Kiki brought her adult baby friend into our nursery the other day. Shorty is such a delight. Tiny, flat chested, pretty and very naughty. First up Kiki cuddled a her for a breastfeed but with both girls getting highly aroused it soon evolved into an awesome girl on girl finger fuck. Shorty had a huge climax in her diaper

Pregnant sitter changes her adult baby girls diaper. Pt 2
Pt 2. Ava Mae is really showing now and Lillian is fascinated by the big baby bump she has. But anyway Lillian's BunnyHopps disposable needs to be changed. Ava Mae takes it off and wipes Lillian's giny and bottom clean. Lillian gives a little wiggle when she is being touched "down there" and soon Ava Mae's fingers are bringing her to a big orgasm which is just what Lillian was hoping for

New 10th April Naughty Adult Babies
Delightful adult baby girls and some titty fun
Beverly and Lillian have become the bestest playmates when together in our nursery. They were happily playing with the toys then they took an interest in each other's boobies. They just they learned that touching, caressing and kissing each others titties and nipples feels really really nice. Beverly is in double layer Lil King disposables and Lillian in double layer AlphagatorZ

A huge orgasm in a wet terry diaper
Scarlett has soaked her terry diaper and is reveling in the sensation of the warm pee against her skin. But then she goes a whole lot further and grabs her big sister's very Magic Wand by vibrator. The strong vibrations on her clit and pussy through the wet terry fabric gives her a the most awesome climax

Dribbling milk from her bottle everywhere
Petite Asian adult baby girl Irma is enjoying the milk from her bottle. But she let it dribble down her chin and onto her boobs. She rubbed it in and it felt kinda nice. But then she took off her Lil King disposable and dribbled the milk all over her private parts. It dribbled down her giny and over her bum hole. That felt really good and she finished herself off with two fingers deep inside her tight cunt

New 10th April Sexual Diaper Lovers Section
Two horny bi sexual diaper lovers change each other
There is only one way this is going to go when two bi sexual diaper lovers are together and they both have wet diapers. First up Sophia asks Lillian to change her so she lies on the change mat and lets Lillian take off her disposable. Of course Lillian wipes and powder's Sophia's pussy and bum but then they get down and dirty with some great girl on girl diaper action

New 3rd April Diapered POV Section
A special surprise for YOU for a dry diaper
Your gorgeous babysitter Stefanie checks your diaper. She has been trying to get you toilet trained. She undoes your cloth diapee and finds it is totally dry. So she gives you a very special surprise. First she gives you a big stiffy with her hands and then rubs up and down until you do a big cummies. Then back on with the diaper. Maybe it will be dry again tomorrow

New 3rd April Adult Baby ABS Section
Two Adult Babies To Care For
Big boobed sitter Gigi It certainly has her hands full today. She has two adult babies to care for. First up the adult baby boy needs his diaper changed then they both have to be breast fed. Sophia helps Gigi change his diaper which helps.

New 3rd April Naughty Baby Sitters Section
Petite Asian adult baby girl with her sitter Sophia together for the very first time
Time for Irma's first breastfeed with her very attractive sitter Sophia. Irma hungrily sucks on Sophia's rather nice breast and Sophia's nipples get quite hard. Sophie rubs Irma's titties and her nipples get hard too. So when Sophia feels inside Irma's diaper to see if she needs to be changed Irma makes it quite clear she is ready for a good finger fucking of her wet pussy

Pregnant sitter changes her adult baby girls diaper
Ava Mae is really showing now and Lillian is fascinated by the big baby bump she has. But anyway Lillian's BunnyHopps disposable needs to be changed. Ava Mae takes it off and wipes Lillian's giny and bottom clean. Lillian gives a little wiggle when she is being touched "down there" and soon Ava Mae's fingers are bringing her to a big orgasm which is just what Lillian was hoping for

New 3rd April Naughty Adult Babies
It felt so nice she lifted in there all day
Beautiful adult baby girl Jessie found the penis pacifier. After she finished sucking on it she pushed it all the way in her tight little giny. She moved it in and out and her pussy got wetter and wetter and she made herself cum. It still felt nice in there so she left it inside her while she put her cloth diaper back on. Now every time she moves it feels really, really nice and she will cum over and over again all day

Cute blonde adult baby girl in a cloth diaper masturbates
Cute Lillian loves the feeling of the cloth fabric between her legs and rubbing against her private parts. It is OK like that for a time but then she has to give herself total satisfaction so she takes off the diaper and fingers herself until she cums while we watch

Sophia is another very attractive naughty adult baby girl
Sophie gets horny in her diaper too. When no one was in the nursery she untaped her AlphagatorZ sposie and rubbed her clit until it became bigger and hard. Then she slid two fingers deep inside her dripping cunt and had a massive orgasm before she guiltily taped the diaper back on

New 3rd April Regression XXX
Partly regressed with a bubble wand
A new addition to our nursery, Kiki is showing she can be as naughty and mischievous as the rest. She was given a bubble wand to play with and blew some awesome bubbles. But then she looked at the big thick shaft and thought this would feel really nice deep inside her pussy so she untaped her AlphagatorZ disposable and fucked herself with it until she climaxed

New 27th March Diapered AB Boy Section
Step Daddy Fucks His AB Girl And She Loves It
You asked for it. Horny and sexual Asian adult baby girl Irma was touching her step Daddy's cock through his pants. She was amazed how big and thick it was and clearly wanted it thrusting inside her tight pussy. She climaxed over and over again

New 27th March Adult Baby ABS Section
YOU are well taken care of
Your attractive blonde step mommy Lillian is looking after you as awesomely as she normally does. First up a long breastfeed then your saturated disposable is changed. Then some play time and a loving kiss on your forehead

New 27th March Naughty Baby Sitters Section
A pretty adult baby girl finger fucked by her sitter. Pt 2
Pt 2. Beautiful Jessie has soaked her Dinosaur sposie. Her spunky sitter Lillian has come in the nursery to change her. She takes off the soggy diaper and wipes Jessie's sensitive parts clean. Jessie makes it quite obvious that being touched down there feels really nice and she wants Lillian to use her fingers to make her cum

a new adult baby girl breastfeed and fingered
Sophia has brought her along her best friend, who is also an adult baby girl, to our nursery. Kiki needed to be breast fed so she latched onto Sophie's titties. When Sophia checked inside Kiki's diaper she realised Kiki was getting quite aroused. And we all know where it goes from there. Kiki had a huge climax from Sophie's talented fingering

New 27th March Naughty Adult Babies
Adorable Stefanie being naughty with her zipper mug
First up naughty Stefanie sprinkles water from her sipper mug down her top and it becomes quite transparent. You can see her perky nipples through the flimsy fabric. But then she takes off her cloth diaper and rubs the sipper mug mouthpiece over her clit and in her giny. The hard plastic feels very nice and she has a long orgasm

Two adult baby girls having some sexy naughty fun
Leaving Pamela and Lillian together on their own in our nursery was a bad idea. They are both very mischievous and before long Pamela had Lillian's diaper untaped and her fingers inside Lilian's tight little pussy. Lillian was loving it and encouraged Pamela to make her come. Which of course she did

Way too much fun with a bubble wand
Beautiful Jessie's mommy gave her a bubble wand to play with. Jessie had lots of fun blowing bubbles but then she looked at the long thick wand with ribs on it and thought "This is going to really feel really nice moving in and out of my tight giny". She is in Lil King disposables

New 27th March Diapered Medical Section
Adult baby girl needs an internal examination
Sophie's mommy has taken her to the hospital to have her private parts checked out . She complained it was ouchie down there. The kind doctor lay her on the examination table , took off her disposable and then inserted a stainless steel speculum into her vagina to get a good look inside. She was very brave and did not complain even though it was hard and cold and stretched her tight giny a bit.

New 20th March Diapered AB Boy Section
Bum Hole Lotion And Stiffy Teased
Ava Mae's adult baby boy has a sore bottom from a diaper rash. She rubs soothing lotion on his bottom around his bum hole and even inside his bum hole. She can see he kinda likes it and is getting a stiffy so she helps it along with her other hand

New 20th March Adult Baby ABS Section
Going To Hell For Touching Yourself
You have been caught out yet again touching yourself. Your very religious step mommy has called in a nun from her church to lecture you on the evils of self abuse. She tells you you will be going to hell for such disgusting behaviour. You should be so guilty for doing it. Then she even put you over her knee and gave you a good spanking and grabs your stiffy in her hand to squeeze it hard as punishment

New 20th March Naughty Baby Sitters Section
A pretty adult baby girl finger fucked by her sitter
Beautiful Jessie has soaked her Dinosaur sposie. Her spunky sitter Lillian has come in the nursery to change her. She takes off the soggy diaper and wipes Jessie's sensitive parts clean. Jessie makes it quite obvious that being touched down there feels really nice and she wants Lillian to use her fingers to make her cum

Popular sitter Kari breastfeeds her horny adult baby girl
Scarlett is sucking hungrily on carries awesome boobies. She is getting quite aroused from having Kari's nipples in her mouth. When Kari feels inside Scarlett's cloth diaper to see if it needs changing she instead feels a wet pussy. Scarlett guides Kari's fingers deep inside her vagina to give her a big orgasm

New 20th March Naughty Adult Babies
You asked for it, diapered with bare feet and some finger fun
Delightful Stefanie in a cloth diaper under plastic pants does not have booties on today so she can play with her tootsies and it is lots of fun. After a while she gets very adventurous and undoes her diaper to play with her giny. She knows it is naughty but she still goes ahead sliding two fingers inside herself to have an intense climax

Two gorgeous adult baby girls have some titty fun
Beverly and Lillian together in just cloth diapers and nothing else. Well that is a recipe for some naughty fun. With their titties exposed they both take a big interest on each other's. They caress each other and suck on each other's hardened nipples. Some sensual kissing tops it off

That's not the proper use for a bottle
Gorgeous adult baby Sophia's mommy gave her a bottle of warm milk to drink. She thought Sophia was hungry but Sophia only drank a little bit and then she got very naughty with the teat. Because she figured if it felt nice in her mouth it would feel extra nice rubbing over her pussy and clit. What a naughty girl. Sophia is wearing a Dinosaur disposable

Our naughtiest adult baby girl in recent times.
Asian adult baby girl Irma is the naughtiest adult baby girl we have. She is always touching herself where she shouldn't, rubbing against things and using her fingers. Today she found a magic wand vibrator in the toy box. We don't know how it got there but Irma soon found the "ON" button and took off her AlphagatorZ disposable. The vibrations gave her massive orgasms again and again and again

New 13th March Diapered AB Boy Section
Sitter In A Cloth Diaper Fucks Her AB Boy
The title says it all. Hot blonde babysitter Lillian is always horny for a cock in diapers. She seduces her adult baby boy and rides his rock hard stiffy until they both cum

New 13th March Adult Baby ABS Section
Step Mommy Takes Care Of YOU
You have totally soaked your cloth diaper and your step mommy Scarlett needs to change you. After putting the soaked diapee in the diaper bucket she thoroughly wipes your willie clean then powders your willy, balls and bottom. Once she has taped on a fresh BunnyHopps sposie she gives you a comforting breastfeed

New 13th March Naughty Baby Sitters Section
A baby sitter with massive tits finger fucks her adult baby girl. Pt 2
Pt 2. Babysitter Vanessa with her enormous matronly breasts has come in the nursery to change pretty Stefanie's soaked Baby Beehinds cloth diaper. She slides a change mat under her bottom then unpins the soaked diaper. When she is wiping Stefanie's vagina clean, Stefanie gives a little moan and it becomes quite obvious she wants Vanessa to forget about the wipes and use her fingers on her. And she meant REALLY on her. Like sliding two fingers deep inside her wet pussy and making her cum

Finger fucked while being breastfeed by her pregnant sitter
Pregnant Ava Mae it's getting aroused from her adult baby girl Lillian sucking on her nipples. She caresses Lilian's nipples too and Lillian gives some little moans of pleasure. So Ava Mae feels down inside Lillian's diaper and sure enough her pussy is dripping with anticipation

New 13th March Naughty Adult Babies
A beautiful but very naughty adult baby girl topless and wearing a bonnet
Beautiful adult baby girl Stefanie is being very naughty with her fingers on herself. She was wearing just a bonnet and a cloth diaper under plastic pants. You can see her perfect breasts totally in view.

Jessie touches her bum hole
Gorgeous adult baby girl Jessie is experimenting more with her fingers on her private parts. After she removed her Dinosaur disposable she slid her fingers deep inside her tight little pussy. That felt nice but then she found if she touched her bum hole it felt even nicer

A naughty adult baby girl masturbates with a plastic toy
You can count you can always count on Sophia to be very rude and experiment with things she finds in the nursery. After putting a plastic spanner shaped bubble wand in her mouth she figured it would feel a whole lot better if it went somewhere very naughty

Asian adult baby girl finger fucks herself while we watch
Irma is a very sexual adult baby girl. She just cannot help but help touch herself where she shouldn't. She untaped her BunnyHopps disposables and slipped her fingers inside her tight vagina to move them in and out faster and faster until she climaxed

New 6th March Diapered POV Section
Cummies to get your stiffy down
You got a big stiffy when your cute babysitter was changing your diaper. That is not surprising because she spent a lot of time wiping it clean and powdering it. Now your diaper won't fit on properly. Melanie thinks, well there is one good way to get a stiffy down and that is to put it in her mouth, and move it in and out until you do big cummies

New 6th March Adult Baby ABS Section
Sensual Asian Adult Baby Girl Playmate
Petite Asian adult baby girl Irma figures she can change this adult baby boy's diaper like her step mummy does. When she has his diaper off and sees his willy she wipes it clean and it gets very big and hard. She is intrigued by it and rubs it up and down. She also puts her finger in his bottom which makes it even harder. Then she gives his stiffy a few licks and sucks it before putting a fresh diaper on

New 6th March Naughty Baby Sitters Section
Cute and petite Asian adult baby girl which her diaper. Pt 2
Pt 2. Cute Irma has soaked her diaper and her babysitter Lillian has come into the nursery to change her. After Lillian removed the soggy dipe and was wiping Irma's privates clean Irma gave a loud moan of pleasure when she was being touched down there. Lillian knew exactly what she wanted her to do next

A naughty breastfeed in disposables
Sophia is being breastfeed by her busty step mummy mummy Gigi. Gigi feels inside her diaper to see if she needs changing. She doesn't need changing but she touches a very wet pussy. So she knows Sophia is very horny and she knows just what Sophia would like her to do with her talented fingers

New 6th March Naughty Adult Babies
Bottle time in her cot
Very naughty Ava Mae is drinking from her bottle in her cot. The teat feels nice in her mouth but she knows it could be put too much better use if she rubbed it inside her giny and over her clit. So she untaped her disposable and masturbated to an intense climax

Adult baby girl has rude fun with a blue vibrator
Beautiful adult baby girl Jessie found a vibrator toy that she shouldn't have. When she was playing with it she accidentally turned it on and it made her hand tingle. She figured would feel really nice inside her vagina once she took off her Dinosaur disposable

Off with her cloth diaper and in with her fingers
Sometimes adult baby girl Scarlett just cannot help herself. She wants to touch her private parts when no one is looking. This morning she took off her cloth diaper and played with herself with her fingers. She had a big climax before looking really guilty and putting her diaper back on

New 6th March Diapered Punishment Section
Restrained and spanked for wearing diapers
No grown up person should be wearing diapers and Lillian needs to be punished for her obsession. She has been restrained to the St Andrews Cross and had her bottom spanked until it is bright red

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